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:: Friday, June 17, 2005 ::

while on the beanbag...

i had a dream last night that i bid on ebay for a ceramic unicorn that materialized from clouds. what do you think that means?
:: lainey 7:37 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, June 15, 2005 ::
i'm. all. done.

last final done as of 5:36pm today. victorian literature... i will see the end of you... for now.

uc davis. it's been fun. i'll miss you.

time to have some fun!!! =)

i'm an alum. woot woot.
:: lainey 9:46 PM [+] ::
:: Monday, June 13, 2005 ::
so it's starting to sink in...

i had to say good-bye to one of my coworkers yesterday because i wasn't going to see her the rest of the week. last night was my last night shift at the reserves and my second to last day at work overall. now that things are finally coming together, plans are being made, plane tickets are being booked, and it's almost time to pack everything up and move out of davis.. the reality is sinking in.

i'm thinking this summer is going to be the summer of change. raylene's getting married... a friend of mine is pregnant... danny might be moving back to california... caroline, gabby, jamie, and i won't be 1 hour away from each other... natasha, lindsey, and i won't be living together anymore.. i'm going to be living back at home... i'm turning 21!!... just so many things won't be how i knew it for the past 4 years. given, 4 years isn't that long... but to think that 4 years ago, i was an impressionable 16 (going on 17 year old) and college was this great big frat party somewhere far away from home.

it freaks me out knowing that so many people will pass through my life and that there is the possibility that i may never see them again. i dealt with this in high school.. knowing that i probably wouldn't see a lot of my classmates again because we were going to all these different schools.. and even in the same school, i rarely saw shs kids in davis. knowing that so many people have made a huge impact on my life in college... makes it a little harder to grasp. i'm going to miss every single one of my sorority sisters, they were all special in their own way... i'm going to miss my roommates, i'm going to miss my coworkers, and just those random great people i met in a class and got along with so well. in addition to the davisites... i'm going to have to add the berkeley kids... i'm going to miss having you guys an hour away. it was always so comforting that i could escape to berkeley for a weekend to get away from davis...

to end this blogpost... i'd like to invite my friends to come visit me anytime you're in LA (you should have my cell number)... and if you have the ways and means to make it to london between mid-october and early april, please let me know! i'd welcome a familiar face anyday of the week! =)
:: lainey 10:26 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, June 06, 2005 ::
procrastination at its best.

i got this from wally's myspace post... except i don't like posting bulletins for some reason... so, i'm going to answer the survey on the blog. =)

First best friend: Tim Fung (we were 5 and i had a crush on him too)
First car: 1997 Camaro (prrr)
First screen name: Quackers35 (BACK IN THE DAY!!)
First self purchased album: hm. good question.
First Funeral: maybe my Uncle's.. when i was 3
First pets: danny and i went through a series of naming our goldfish "please don't die", but our first pet of real significance was Dusty, our miniature collie
First piercing/tattoo: ear lobes, 8th grade
First Kiss: depends... either 10th grade or 12th grade
First musical instrument: piano-age 5 (i hated it)

Last car ride: today, i drove to the AXO house
Last good cry: hm. i almost cried at Hall of Commitment on Sunday
Last library book checked out: beginning of the quarter, when i used to read for classes
Last food consumed: caesar salad
Last text message received: from diane, telling me she bought pjs and a bathing suit
Last phone call: i spoke with caroline's mom because i thought caroline was still at home
Last time showered: this afternoon
Last shoes worn: my new green/white dc's
Last CD played: beck- guero
Last item bought: starbucks grande white mocha, percent, no whip =)
Last annoyance: phone call to the mother
Last disappointment: my life
Last time scolded: phone call to the mother
Last shirt worn: AXO sweater
Last website visited: cliffsnotes.com (i have a paper due on a book i haven't read!)
Last words you said: crap. i still need 5 more pages to write.
Last song you sang: family guy theme song

What color socks are you wearing: none. barefoot
What color of underwear are you wearing: turquoise and lime green
What time did you wake up today? 10:30.. i slept for 12 hrs last night because i was uber-tired from a crazy weekend
Where do you want to go: London!
What is your career going to be? well. beats me. ideally--intellectual property lawyer or entertainment lawyer.
Where are you going to live? somewhere fabulous
Current music: my top rated on iTunes
Current taste: nori maki rice crackers and diet coke
Current hair: down
Current clothes: sweats
Current desktop picture: the stewie lemon head picture (see previous picture post)
Current Mood: lazy
:: lainey 10:48 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, May 29, 2005 ::
Houseboats 2005

highlights from the crazy weekend that we all know as HB2K5:

- desi: the three famous people i'd have dinner with are... thomas jefferson...
-whitney: and JESUS??

-caroline: WHAAAAT??

- me: that guy has a really beefy ass, i bet he can't even wipe it himself

- on the ride to lake shasta... caroline says "redka vodbull" instead of "redbull vodka"

-caroline (at the bonfire): look at the thunder bolt!!


- elise: i can't get enough of this air. this air is soooo good

- random swimmer guy on next boat: I HATE MICROWAVES

- fun times on the sun deck with cheez-its and razz-ma-tazz candy

- katie: i'm gonna go dance with theta chi (*points to guy next to her*)
-me: is that your full name?

-whitney: nimbus 2000!!

-bubba keg. 'nough said.

good times all around.. holla for the "surrender the booty" pirate boat! much love to diana, danielle (and matt), jeanine, tanya, jessica, vanessa, katie, desi, elise (and rolando), liz, natalia, whitney, and caroline. i couldn't have asked for a better group to go houseboating with.. fun times all around!

pictures will come once the digital camera holders post up pics. =) i took a disposable!
:: lainey 6:35 PM [+] ::

to offset my depressing mood lately.. here is a picture of stewie... he's my lemonhead pet.  Posted by Hello
:: lainey 4:41 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 ::
wow. how time flies.

almost 4 years ago... this blog was born and i remember gabby said that the blog was going to expire when graduation came around. that time is just about here and that means that my blog will soon be put to rest. i wonder, how will i put my ideas in writing once i have graduated, yet continue to go through adventures and journeys of my post-college career. how will i be able to write out my thoughts and hopes and dreams with the comfort of getting it all out at 105+wpm. maybe if i start handwriting my thoughts... the slowness of the printing will allow me to put more thought into it? i dunno.. but, i'm just amazed at how fast things have gone. the dorm years seem like that they were just last week, but in reality that was a whole 3 years ago. i laugh at how different i am since those days.. how much i have grown (horizontally mostly), how much i have matured (mature/more sarcastic, same diff), and how much i have learned (mostly outside of the classroom, obviously).

i don't think i really learned to appreciate being in college until i found my real friends and the ones who helped me realize who i could really be. fun times at priestley, haste, and russell b will be with me forever... even the nights i don't really remember. i'm so glad i was able to witness the commencement ceremonies of jamie, gabs, and caroline (i made it to one each!)... just because they're so important to me and seeing them be so happy with their accomplishments made me happy.

as for me... i feel that my college career is coming to a fitting end... kind of anticlimactic... my decision to not walk at commencement reflects many parts about myself and my whole experience here at davis. even though my mom might be a little disappointed that i'm not walking... and my friends would come to watch me walk... even my brother would try to come... i stand by my decision to not walk because it just doesn't seem worth it to me. yes, i completed 4 years here at davis... yes i finally get my bachelors degree... and yes, it's a huge part of my life. but, i also feel that there is so much more to come... i feel like i'm prematurely going through this huge part of my life... and there's still so much more time to experience other things... that there's going to be more to celebrate than my undergrad graduation. i dunno what yet.. but, i'm hoping that there will be something else.

no matter where i end up... i just hope that i end up somewhere where i'll be happy... happy enough to want to go through that final ceremony to commemorate my time there... no more anticlimactic endings for me. (pseudo)helping caroline move into her gorgeous apartment in SF made me realize that i want to be somewhere that will make me as happy as she was when she showed me the view of the city from her living room. right now, i know that it's not going to be in my parent's house in pico rivera... it's not going to be in davis... i just don't know where it will be. at the moment (keep in mind, i'm finicky), ideally... i'd like to move to london for 6 months and work... thanks to bunac... i just remember being so enamored with the city and everything about it... i can definitely see myself proudly showing someone around who came to visit me because it'd be a place i'd be so proud of to live in and to be a part of. but, i don't know how my parents will feel about me going to live there just to work at gap or at starbucks. it seems kind of roundabout for me to gallivant around for 6 months that would not be beneficial to my future career or resume... at least in their eyes. i can see how they're torn about their youngest daughter... i'm only 20 and i have a ton of time to be able to figure out what i really need to be doing with my life, yet i am also going to be a recent graduate from a university who does not have a job or any direction in life. what's more important.. finding the job with the healthplan and 9-5 hours or having the opportunity of a lifetime to live abroad and experience life in a different country and the chance to find out who i really am. i guess... inevitably, the decision comes down to me. i just have this huge fear that i'm going to let my parents down and disappoint them for not becoming the success they hoped i would be. i guess we'll just have to find out and see what happens... i know they didn't go through all this hard work just for me to graduate and then do something i didn't need a degree for.

argh. i hate having to make such pertinent decisions right now. and i hate that i just spent the last 30 minutes venting about stuff you blog readers don't even need to be hearing right now... i know i'm not the only one going through this dilemma right now. but, at least i know you understand.

anyways... the davis heat is here... and it's only going to get worse. tomorrow--91deg. fun times. and i have a permanent white halter top on now thanks to the berkeley psych graduation and the blazing sun that was directly on top of us. score.

my final thought: i'm scared.
:: lainey 1:05 AM [+] ::
:: Saturday, May 14, 2005 ::

me and natalia... wms50 homies! Posted by Hello
:: lainey 11:54 AM [+] ::

fun times on my big's lap...  Posted by Hello
:: lainey 11:53 AM [+] ::

the superstar family! Posted by Hello
:: lainey 11:51 AM [+] ::

BFF! Posted by Hello
:: lainey 11:51 AM [+] ::

i *heart* my big sis! Posted by Hello
:: lainey 11:50 AM [+] ::
Red Carnation Ball 2005

you can see all of the pictures here ... but, will post some of my faves!
:: lainey 11:46 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, May 09, 2005 ::

i think i set myself up for disappointment.

"disappointment doesn't kill."
"you're right... rejection kills. disappointment only maims."

so so true. it only maims... but, it still sucks.

at the moment, i'm feeling frantic, annoyed, and slightly buzzed.

yay for having class and work ALL day tomorrow... with initiation practice to top it off. i just want this week to be over... i want to fast forward to august... get out of davis and just out of this rut in general.


song i'm going to be listening to repeat right now... "your name here (sunrise highway)" by straylight run.
:: lainey 11:16 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, May 08, 2005 ::
i need to...

get out of this lame funk i've been in lately... this past weekend was just totally anti-social and i just stayed at home and vegged out like there was on tomorrow. i guess that's what happens after working all day and i'm too tired to go out? i dunno... i think i'm just making up excuses for actually just getting too old. yep. i'm old.

while getting up to go to my room.. my ankle gave out on me and i almost fell/broke my hip. again. of course diane laughed at me.. yet, i retaliated when it literally took her 15 seconds to completely get up and stand from the futon.

in general... the weekend was just relaxation time... i slept more hours than i know what to do with. like, to the point where i was so rested, i couldn't fall asleep when i wanted to go back to bed. yea... i'm lazy. i promise there will be a difference in this upcoming weekend.. spring formal! woohoo. and yay for finally finding a dress. =) with 6 days to spare!!

quotes from the weekend:

"SNUGGLE WITH MEEE!!!" --diane while jumping me on the couch
"i ate everybody's dessert!!" --diane while making very shocked face
"yummmmy"--katie's bf
"AND WE DIDN'T CAAAARE!!"--caroline and cesar

after writing this post... i only have 3 hours and 15 minutes left at work. joy. =T
:: lainey 6:35 PM [+] ::
:: Saturday, April 30, 2005 ::

that's all i can do right now. laugh at myself for being so stupid for the past week. what was i thinking? oh well. lesson learned and no one was hurt... so much for "bringing down the wall"... whatever. i'm out of this stupid town in 6 weeks. i'm so over davis... greek life... trying to be 21... and just everything right now.

i need a beer.

holla for working 13 hours this weekend. lucky lucky me.

in case you were wondering... here's the lesson learned:

:: lainey 12:48 PM [+] ::

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